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We company is a Chinese based energy meter manufacturer and supplier. We have specialized in designing, manufacturing and providing DIN-rail energy meter, electronic energy meter, mechanical energy meter, socket energy meter, and more.
Our company covers an area of 8,000 square meters and is staffed with more than 500 people, who are dedicated to delivering value to customers through superior meter products and services.

We provide an extensive line of products, including a DIN-rail energy meter, electronic energy meter, mechanical energy meter, socket energy meter, panel meter, as well as KWH meter components and accessories. In order to meet every customer’s needs, we can design and manufacture our products according to specific requirements. Our meters are reliable, lightweight, long lasting, simple to install, easy to use, and come with a ten-year warranty. As a result, they are widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, residences, airports, ports, exhibition centers, and factories.

We have ten workshops, equipped with 6 production and assembly lines, 45 pieces of production equipment and 35 pieces of testing equipment. Three phase meter calibration device, ultrasonic cleaner, industrial microscope, barcode printer, reflow soldering machine, oscilloscope, aging chamber, impulse voltage tester and infrared thermometer are some of our advanced equipment. This, coupled with the employment of a highly skilled staff and the establishment of long term relationships with our suppliers, has enabled us to continually increase our production capacity. As a result, we can deliver orders quickly.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the field, We provide consistently high quality, economical DIN-rail energy meters, electronic energy meters, mechanical energy meters, panel meters and other products to customers all over the world. Our global markets include the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Russia, Mongolia, Thailand, India, Singapore, Nepal, and Egypt, to name a few, and we are expanding to even more international markets. If you require assistance or information, please feel free to contact us.

Main Products
    1. DIN-rail Energy MeterWe DIN-rail energy meter is a new kind of meter used to measure 50Hz or 60Hz energy consumption from AC electricity net. It uses a special modular design. Compared with traditional wall mounted energy meters, it features small and compact ...
    1. Electronic Energy Meter (Front Board Mounted Static KWH Meter) Compared to a mechanical energy meter, the electronic energy meter has obvious advantages. For example, it has high ability to prevent stealing electricity, high measuring accuracy, superior load ...
    1. Mechanical Energy Meter (Front Board Mounted Induction KWH Meter)An induction energy meter measures the energy by induction. It is composed by measurement segment, compensation and adjustment device, as well as accessories. Indication energy meter transforms ...
    1. Socket Energy MeterWe socket energy meter is a kind of new style portable socket installed energy meter, which adopts micro-electronics technology and imported large scale integrated circuit, as well as advanced digital technology and SMT manufacturing...
    1. Panel Meter A panel meter is an instrument that displays an input signal in either a digital or analog form. For many panel meters, an alarm function is optional. Additionally, they can be connected with a computer and the data can be transferred to the computer.
    1. KWH Meter Components and AccessoriesWe offer meter components and accessories, DIN-rail energy meter, electronic energy meter, mechanical energy meter and socket energy meter, etc. We supply high quality energy meter with competitive price.